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    Wierd wifi issue


    I get my wifi using 2 adapters. Today suddenly both of them stopped displaying the router in the wifi utility, and in windows wifi panel. But my phone is perfectly receiving the signal. I tried restoring, reinstalling windows, but nothing works. I know it's not a wifi issue on my computer, coz when I turn on the Hotspot on my phone, my lap receives the signal. So is it a issue with the router? Then how can my phone receives data from it? I'm totally nonplussed here.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    It is entirely possible for routers to ignore specific stations, though normally you have to do this through the router control panel.

    Normally, the router is at http://192.168.x.y (x is usually 0 or 1, y is usually 254), but you should have a nice sticker on the back of the router giving the address, username and password for logging into the router itself.
    As a security measure, some routers will only allow you to do this over a wired connection. Does your laptop work if you patch a wired link into the router?

    When was the last time you rebooted the router?
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