Thread: Is pyenv the best way to use multiple python version plus virtualenv?

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    Is pyenv the best way to use multiple python version plus virtualenv?


    I was using virtualenv only, but I installed pyenv + virtualenv following this tutorial.

    I want to ask you how do you use python2 and python 3when using multiple virtualenv.


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    I use pyenv. If you are on Linux you don't touch or use the base python installation that comes with the distro. You just ignore it entirely and for all purposes. With pyenv I just then install both python 2 and 3 on my local folder, on any of the versions I wish, including anaconda and other python distributions if you so wish. As you know, pyenv lets you install these directly without the need to go to their respective websites and do a download, and manages all of them admirably.

    On windows it is much easier, because thankfully the operating system does not depend on python at all. So you can install and manage any python version independently and without the need for virtualenv solutions. And you can always use 'pip freeze' to maintain your project python version and its dependencies.
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