Thread: memchecker for Windows?

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    memchecker for Windows?

    Is there a good memchecker for Windows like there is Valgrind for Linux? I've been trying out Dr. Memory but it's not that great... A lot of the kernel32.dll stuff winds up being in the output report from it and the overall error diagnostics are near impossible to read.

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    There's one built into Windows, but to get useful callstacks easily you have to use a pdb-debug-type-outputting-compiler and WinDbg / cbd / ntsd & friends with it. Without either or both of those, you can at least print out a list of callstack addresses though. Here's how - A Whole Heap of Trouble << Just Let It Flow (don't look for part 2, I never wrote it)

    There's also Visual Leak Detector for something that just includes your own code instead of all Windows components. I think it still needs pdb files to work though. And of course, Visual Studio has its own debug crt that checks leaks from CRT allocations (Lookup _CrtSetDebugFlag, I can't remember the option names offhand)

    Otherwise, if you don't compile with anything that outputs pdb files I think Dr Memory is the best you can do. I guess you could use the callback mentioned in the above link and use libBFD to get symbols for the addresses. I think that's how I did it anyway, it's been years since I abandoned my resource leak tool.

    EDIT: Sigh, even OSROnline have deleted the page now. I can't edit the post right now, but you can find the ShutdownFlags description on this pageSupport Enhancements (Appendix: Windows DDK)
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    I'm using Application Verifier.
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    For Visual C++, Visual Leak Detector.

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