Thread: How to properly access DeepWeb?

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    How to properly access DeepWeb?


    I m trying to access Deepweb with TOR and search engines like duckduckgo. But when i search stuff with these engines, most of the time i get very little actual results. Either the onion links are broken most of the time, or the engines just dumps only normal .com/.net results. So, how do i really get my hands into the Deepweb and access real .onion links?

    Thanks for any input.
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    What are you trying to do/find?
    Also, it is by ideology not meant to be indexed, so it is not surprising that you can not find anything.

    Also, there is very little in the accessible 'deep web' that is actually interesting for most people.
    Almost always, some resource in the open web is much better .(Eg : Tor Library vs Library Genesis)

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