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    Qt example projects


    I know there are tons of examples but I am looking for recommended, written in good OO way to get the feel of Qt and C++.

    Thanks in advance

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    I think you'll find "good OO" just as divisive as what people regard as being say a "good editor", "good browser" or "good OS".

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    There is no such thing as good OO.

    OO is why the aliens won't make contact with us.

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    The Qt project includes examples in the examples/ subdirectory. Did you look at those? For learning Qt, you will want the examples to be "good for learning" (i.e. small, targeted to a small set of features at a time), which they generally are. Whether they are examples of good OO design is ultimately not very important in such examples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarin View Post
    OO is why the aliens won't make contact with us.
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