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    Electronics pcb simulation

    Hi all,

    Im not an expect in electronics but i have a task or rather something i wanting to. So basically im after a tool which will help simulate a chipset.

    So what i mean is, are there any tools out there, which would simulate GPS chip-set and other chipsets which would help me do layout design and validate my design before I can invest on buying the hardware.

    After all it makes more sense to make sure I have the right layout and right chip before buying the hardware. Are there any electronics design or embedded expect who can suggest me a tool which can help achieve this.

    Thanks guys!
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    A forum (perhaps) -> All About Circuits - Electrical Engineering & Electronics Community

    A list (perhaps) ->

    I'm sure they'll cope with common logic chips, but for a full scale simulation of a GPS chip?

    The best place to start would be the chip maker to see if they have simulation files for their chips, then work out if any packages you can get access will support that file format.
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