My brother passed away suddenly last week. In his memory, I decided to heed his constant whinging at me to root my phone and install a newer kernel/system image. This was pleasingly easy to do, before I knew it I had upgraded to Cyanogenmod 10. It's not the cutting edge, but then my phone is quite old at this point.

Upon booting, the lack of pointless vendor apps was refreshing to my eyes, but there were a couple things I wanted to address. One of them was that Terminal Emulator is included, but compared to what is available via the F-Droid repo, it's out of date (as expected). F-Droid requires that the apps that it manages have an F-Droid signature, but I couldn't uninstall TE as it's classed as built-in.

Reading around, forcing uninstallation as root amounts to deleting the .apk from /system/app, which I have done, but the signature of the package is still stored somewhere.

Does anyone know where I should be looking to clear all traces of the app?