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    ELF conversion suggestions needed

    An assembler that supports ELF, among other formats is being adapted to handle the Atari Jaguar systems RISCs.

    Atari Jaguar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Jags GPU RISC has a Jaguar specific MOVEI relocation that the programmer is scratching his head on how to represent that in ELF format.

    ATM the Jaguar-specific MOVEI
    relocation is only supported in a.out format.

    If I knew how to represent that in ELF I could add it, of course.
    Here is a link to the Jaguar v8 tech reference manual that has the needed information:

    If anyone is an ELF expert and has ANY suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the assembler being adapted:

    vasm portable and retargetable assembler

    Thank you for your time and any assitance anyone has to offer.

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    When I asked him what help he needed this was the vasm authors reply:

    Yes. You have to point me to a document which describes the ELF format
    for the Jaguar RISC CPU. The minimal information includes:

    - e_machine, a 16-bit code which identifies the ELF-CPU
    - description of all relocation types and their ELF id-number
    - do these relocations generally include an addend (.rela) or not (.rel)?
    I told him there was no gpu ELF format and it would have to be created the same way it was for everything else at one time.

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