Again Thank you for your time, while i agree with most of your sayings, i have to disagree on some parts.
It is true that it is my final project, but i assure you most of the project is done in the same exact way you have mentioned, now i am confronted with a new problem,
in order to solve this very problem, first i ask for the possible ways of doing it, achieving it, from those i think are professionals in the field, and then when suggestions are told i can choose to extend my research.
See, i am already doing it, This is a part of my research, instead of blindly googling i am going through a well defined method, first ask from those who are in the field,
To give you an objective sample, you can see the topic which i asked sometime ago in inter process communication field, i got different answers , among them , using named pipes and dlls seemed like good suggestions, and there i went, researching on how to create and use a dll for such a thing.
if you are interested to see the result of that topic i'll be willingly showing parts of it to you.