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    need a solution

    hello everybody
    i have a ADG739BRU chip
    i realy dont understand how to talk
    with this chip.

    i am work whith PIC24FJ128GB110.

    some one have an opinion...?


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    Others will know more, but first step would be to search the net for PIC and also ADG... chip. PIC's are common, so you should be able to at least find an instruction /owner's manual kind of info sheet you can download.

    A prototype or PIC forum would be a great resource to search for, as well.

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    If you want to talk with a chip, get in proximity to it and open conversation. Odds are it won't talk back though.

    Seriously, however, this is not even a C programming question - the wrong forum for your question. Generally speaking, you need to obtain programming guide (which may or may not be associated with a C compiler) for the pic and data sheets for both the pic and the chip. And for any device that contains them.
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    i know how work whith the pic
    i dont know how to work whith the chip

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    Print out the data sheet you linked. Now read through it, slowly and carefully. Don't be afraid to mark it up with a highlighter and/or pen.

    Page 15 has a section called "Serial Interface" and another called "Microprocessor Interfacing". It seems like this is where you want to focus to find an answer to your question.

    >> The ADG738 and ADG739 have a 3-wire serial interface (SYNC, SCLK, and DIN)

    >> Data is written to the 8-bit input shift register via DIN under the control of the SYNC and SCLK signals.

    >> When SYNC goes low, the input shift register is enabled. Data from DIN is clocked into the input shift register on each falling edge of SCLK.

    >> Each bit of the 8-bit word corresponds to one of the eight switches.

    >> When all eight bits have been written into the shift register, the SYNC line is brought high again. The switches are updated with the new configuration and the input shift register is disabled.
    Now that we've gleaned some information, let's structure some logic to control this chip:

    0. Start with the default state: Set the SYNC bit and the SCLK bit
    1. Clear the SYNC bit (set low) to enable the input shift register
    2. Set DIN to the logic level of the first bit to be communicated
    3. Clear the SCLK bit (set low) - the first bit has now been read by the chip
    4. Set the SCLK bit (set high)
    5. Go back to step #2 and repeat for each bit (eight times total)
    6. Set the SYNC bit to complete transmission

    Now that you have a basic understanding of the control logic, you can go back and read through the data sheet again, taking any small yet important details into account.

    After that, it's just a matter of writing the logic in your PIC to control port pins, to communicate with the device. (Some PICs have peripherals that explicitly control this type of 3-wire serial interface; if not, it is simple to implement yourself.)

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