Thread: visual studio 'intellisense' problem

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    visual studio 'intellisense' problem


    This is not related to C-programming, but I think you guys being experts can help me on this. I use MS visual studio 2010. Since past two days, I realized that the 'Intellisense' feature of VS2010 is not working. I am not sure why. It says:
    ''Intellisense: no additional information available''

    I tried googling for solution and tried out the following:
    1) Tools>intellisense import/export setting to reset.
    2) Deleting 10.0 folder in C:\user\AppData\Visual Studio and restarting VS.

    Both have not helped me!
    I use Qt along with C++ and hence in order to have access to member functions and objects, I need intellisense badly.
    I use '.' and '->' operator very often and without intellisense, its veryyyy difficult!!
    Please help with any solution. Thanks!

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    I doubt there's a magical fix for this as it may be due to a number of things.
    Do your own research: =intellisense+not+working+visual+studio
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    installing this update fixed the problem! :-)
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