Thread: Big Question about it , Some advise needed,

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    Exclamation Big Question about it , Some advise needed,

    Well, Suppose for a User which had never do programming before and as the first Language he want to start with C , What is the best way to start, is there any ebook for complete noob?

    I need some advise because somebody bad has happen to me ..

    well c Programming is one of programming Language i really want to Master, but i don't know why i'am feeling scare for it,

    i'am totally confuse , i was reading that books call Head First C by David griffths and i don't know what happen there is a point where i got totally confuse, and i had forget the basic, that had really affected me, but I'am not giving up, i know i can master this language the Only thing i need to know is where to start with c, the real Basic of Basic

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    If you want it bad enough then you will get it. People smarter than you and people stupider than you have learned C.

    Start from pretty much any resource on the web. I personally learned from K&R C (The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie) which is a great source but dedicating time to any source will make you better at it.

    The thing that seperates the men from the boys is whether you quit when you hit your first 'roadblock'. When you first get to a point where you really have absolutely no F-ing idea what is going and it makes you feel bad and you just want it to stop and you want to quit ... you must keep going.

    In short: It doesn't matter what resource you use, so long as you are committed! If you really want to be recommended a resource then look here.

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    > Suppose for a User which had never do programming before and as the first Language he want to start with C ,
    I suggest you start with Python then.

    C is not a good language to learn as your first programming language. It's too low level, and has far too many traps for the unwary. This means it takes a long time before you're good enough to create anything useful (and get the buzz from accomplishing something).

    Once you're comfortable with the mechanics of creating a program, and understand what it takes to make a working program, then you can branch out into other languages / problem domains.
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