Thread: Conceptual MIPS related question

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    Conceptual MIPS related question

    Hey guys,

    I've been trying to work my head around this problem for ages but I just don't understand what to do.

    Given this code:
    ADD rd, rs, rt NAND rd, rs, rt
    LUI rd, imm
    BEQ rs, rt, addr
    LW rd, (rt)
    SW rs, (rt)
    LLI rd, imm
    JALR rd, rs

    The earlier parts of the question asked me to the number of bits in the registers, opcode. And I did
    Each opcode = 3 bits
    Each register =3 bits
    Immediete = 8 bits

    So this is what I don't get.

    If LW and SW use register indirect addressing, how many addresses can this machine index?

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    I know that register indirect addressing means that the value that needs to be loaded or stored, its address is found in the register rt.
    But how can I determine how many addresses this machine needs to index?

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