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    scp general question!

    I am trying to copy a bunch of files that are saved in one folder called project2 from my computer to a virtual machine or "remote host". I was wondering what would be the syntax for that? so far I've tried,

    scp -r project2 /documents/folderName/computerScience username@IPaddressofserver:/nameOfDirectoryIWantItPutInto

    Thank you!

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    So you tried it, did it work? If not, it would help if you explained what the problem is, error messages, etc. Better yet, copy-paste the actual command and any output you got, from your terminal screen. I suggest putting it in [code][/code] tags to preserve any spaces, etc that would otherwise be removed/compressed.

    Also, you say you're trying to copy files saved in one folder, yet you appear to have two folders listed as "source" folders (project2 and /documents/folderName/computerScience). Did you mean to have a space between the two? If so, why?

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