Thread: How do I compare cloned github projects?

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    How do I compare cloned github projects?

    Github makes it very easy to clone an existing project so you can make your own version the way you want to. But I don't see any way to easily compare a project to a clone to see what's different.

    Consider these two projects as an example: and

    I could clone them both locally and do a file-by-file compare, but for big projects that would be laborious. Does anyone have any trick or insight for a quicker solution?

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    I think you pretty much have to clone locally at least (in the absence of any nice github tool to do it for you).
    Having cloned, you could do "git log --oneline > file.txt" to compare commit history, which would also show you the common ancestor (unless the clone completely scrubbed the old history).

    From there, you could then do something like "git log --name-only ancestor..HEAD" to tell you all the files which have changed since the split. This too you could direct to a file, and diff to find files changed on both branches.

    kdiff3 can recursively compare two directory trees and easily filter out common files.
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    I dont think it is possible to perform this without cloning one repo locally. However you can do the following:
    git clone
    cd git-hg
    git remote add offbytwo
    git fetch offbytwo
    git diff offbytwo/master
    This will show you the difference between the master branch cloned from cosmin and the master branch from offbytwo. I would also suggest to use something like qgit for a nice visual representation of the branch trees and so on. This will quickly show you the common ancestor and so on.
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