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    Questions about 3rd party library

    This question is for experiences users. I have successful installed SDL library to both CodeBlocks and MSVC 2010. It run fine with the first program. When I started with a new blank project and typed in #include <SDL.h>, the complier doesn't recognized it at all. It seems to me that I need to re-link the library, directories, and dll again each time I create a new project? IS there a way that I can just install the library once and use it many times without any of the extra work like I can with <stdlib.h> or <iosteam>? That would make my programming life lot easier. I just wanted the complier to remember the new 3rd party library for life and not have to be told where to look for it every time. Thank you for your time.

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    In codeblocks, you should already be able to do "New project" and select the "SDL Project" and create a new project already pre-configured to use SDL.

    For visual studio, perhaps this -> Visual Studio Templates
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