Thread: Website problem, (not this site).

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    Website problem, (not this site).

    I moderate another forum, Tropical Fish Forums, which last year, was sold. It was moved to the States, Arizona I think. Everybody seemed happy enough with one exception. Another mod on the site is unable to get in. He is in South Africa, and can access the site from other internet providors, but not his, or anyone else using that provider. He and I have been talking to various people at various levels at his provider, but their last mail said "we are not blocking you", they also said that GoDaddy, (current host), was not to blame either, and that they believe the problem is with the website. The fact that it can be reached with other providrs make me doubtful. I've considered setting up a proxy server, but am curious as to what is or could be happening here. So, any ideas as to what is or what we could try?

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    I would try traceroute (tracert on Windows).

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