Thread: Updating a vbcc compiler for m68k.

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    Updating a vbcc compiler for m68k.

    My community uses the vbcc for the m68k on the Atari_Jaguar system.

    Our development SDK has an old version of vbcc included for m68k. Like 2009. I'm attempting for the first time to compile an updated version for it. I have never done this before. The person who did the first SDK for this system that I am trying to reproduce is indisposed of at this time so I'm going to attempt it.

    There are several binaries already made for the m68k Amiga/Atari ST platform. Apparently I can use none of these. I have to compile it for plain vanilla m68k.

    After I do that I have to recreate the auto-install package that sets up enviromental variable for development along with other things all in their proper place.

    None of these things I have ever done before so I'm here looking for help if anyone is willing.

    From what I can tell from the instructions
    to compile the latest vbcc for the m68k it looks like I set the options in the Makefile. I know what makefiles and how to use them but its not clear to me how to set it for m68k without any ST/Amiga options.

    I am going to use Orwell to build it with. I have never used Orwell at the command line level.
    Might of bit off more than I can chew right now. Hmm.
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