Thread: install raid controller driver with rundll32 from inf file

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    install raid controller driver with rundll32 from inf file

    I recently bought a raid controller card and set up a 3 disk raid5 raid.
    Before that, I made a clone image of my windows partition. Once the raid was set up I copied the image to my new raid drive.

    Everything went well, except that now windows7 refuses to boot, throwing me an exception error in a quick flashy blue screen of death. Silly me I forgot about installing the raid drivers before doing the OS image. Well too late now.

    Using the windows 7 installation disk I can boot into a recovery console (not before loading the raid drivers, so the install setup can access the installed OS) I believe it should be possible to install the raid controller driver from there, using rundll32.

    Using the web I found solutions like
     RUNDLL32.EXE SETUPAPI.DLL,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 path-to-inf\infname.inf"
    but that and similar commands, give me an "installation failed" error.
    Which I believe might be related to the use of the InstallHinfSection function and or defaultInstall, a section which my .inf file lacks.

    The driver comes with the .inf file, a .cat file with the driver signatures and a .sys file.

    here's the contents of the inf.
    ; 2310_00.INF 
    signature="$Windows NT$" 
    CatalogFile= 2310_00.CAT 
    DefaultDestDir  = 12 ; DIRID_DRIVERS 
    ; ExcludeFromSelect = * 
    %HIGHPOINT%=HighPoint, NTamd64 
    %SCSI\ProcessorHPT_____RCM_DEVICE______.DeviceDesc% = NODRV, SCSI\ProcessorHPT_____RCM_DEVICE______ 
    AddService = , %SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE%   ; null service install 
    AddService = 2310_00, %SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE%, hptmvPCI_Service_Inst, Miniport_EventLog_Inst 
    ;AddService = hptpro,,Hptpro_Service_Inst 
    ServiceType    = %SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER% 
    StartType      = %SERVICE_BOOT_START% 
    ErrorControl   = %SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL% 
    ServiceBinary  = %12%\2310_00.sys 
    LoadOrderGroup = SCSI Miniport 
    AddReg         = pnpsafe_pci_addreg 
    ServiceType    = 1 
    StartType      = 0 
    ErrorControl   = 1 
    ;ServiceBinary  = %12%\hptpro.sys 
    LoadOrderGroup = Filter 
    HKR, "Parameters\PnpInterface", "5", 0x00010001, 0x00000001 
    HKR, "Parameters\Device", "NumberOfRequests", 0x00010001, 0x3c 
    AddReg = Miniport_EventLog_AddReg 
    1 = %InstallDisk%,,,, 
    ;;2310_00.inf = 1,, 
    2310_00.sys = 1,, 
    ;Dummy AddReg section  
    RR2310.DeviceDesc="RocketRAID 231x SATA Controller" 
    RR2300.DeviceDesc="RocketRAID 230x SATA Controller" 
    SCSI\ProcessorHPT_____RCM_DEVICE______.DeviceDesc = "HighPoint RCM Device" 
    InstallDisk = "RocketRAID 231x/230x SATA Controller Driver Diskette" 
    ;Handy macro substitutions (non-localizable) 
    REG_EXPAND_SZ          = 0x00020000 
    REG_DWORD              = 0x00010001
    I tried in vain manually copying the .sys file to system32/drivers/ and editing the registry with an external editor but I don't understand all the registry strings the inf is trying to add.

    Is it possible to successfully install the driver under these circumstances ? I'm open to try any method, I just want to avoid having to reinstall windows.


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    Never mind. I ended up separating one of the drives from the array, restoring the OS image into the drive and booting into windows to install the raid controller drivers. After which I made a new OS image, rejoined the drive to the array and copied over the new OS image (with the raid drivers).
    A fool's solution but it was quicker and less frustrating than perusing the obscure windows library documentation.

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