Thread: What to do if I don't know the program

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    What to do if I don't know the program

    I really not sure if I can post this here, but I need some help!

    I am using tomcat7 on Ubuntu VM. I wrote a Perl CGI to receive users' input and pass those input to my c program in the server. Then the server generated a zip file for the users to download. I have no problem with the part I have so far.

    However, I have to make my programs connect with my partner's. He wrote those program in ruby, xml, and java. Maybe some other things that I don't know. Since I need to connect with his code. I want to know what input to pass to his code and how to pass them. Someone say that I may use debug tool to step through his code to understand how it works first. I am very confused. Any idea?

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    Why can't you ask the API documentation to your partner?

    You can indeed guess it using debuggers, disassemblers or whatever, it's called reverse engineering but this is the very last option you should consider.

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