Thread: Can not open project anymore in Visual Studio

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    Can not open project anymore in Visual Studio


    I don't know if it is really appropriate to ask questions about a specific compiler, but I actually hope somebody has a simple answer to this problem.

    I made a C project in Visual Studio 2008 Express on a computer (Windows XP) a few years ago and copied the Projects folder to another computer (Windows 7) which has Visual Studio 2008 Express installed as well. However, I can not open the files anymore. I get the error: "myfile.c. Cannot open file." That's all I get. No more information.
    If I look at 'Properties' for the file (right-click) I get the error: "The operation could not be completed. Unspecified error."

    I've googled this problem and I don't find an answer. Anybody knows what is going on?

    Best regards, Michiel.

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    I do not know the answer but what i would do if i were you is to create a new project with the same name as the old one,create all the files with the same names as the old ones and then copy paste the code into the new files .

    Maybe an error with rights is hiding there

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    Assuming you've got backup copies, I would suggest you delete everything in the new project tree, except for the following
    - the .sln file(s)
    - all the source / header / resource files which you specifically created.

    That is, get rid of all the compiler and IDE generated cruft.
    It will all get generated again when you restart the IDE and rebuild.
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    thanks for the suggestions.
    I thought of this as well so when I tried to locate the .c files I couldn't find it. Apparently I didn't separately save the .c files back then.
    Stupid, so I guess I'll have to take my loss. I was kinda hoping that this was a general error for opening VS2008 express projects on a Windows 7
    machine which could be resolved by changing some settings. Too bad.


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