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    hi All,
    Am a newbie in c++, but have develop interest after reading and watching videos about it.
    Please somebody help me identify the default clock fuse of my micro controller.
    Please my micro controller is ATMEGA32 16PU, please what is the meaning of the 16PU ? I know the 32 is i/o pins.
    Is the 16PU internal clock frequency ?
    I need to know that because I will want to set my fuse later, am not using external resonator.

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    You could just grab the data sheet for your micro-controller and read about it for yourself.

    16 gives you a clock speed.
    PU tells you what kind of package it comes in.

    Neither of these are parameters determining whether (or not) you can set fuse(s).
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    I'm curious to know how this relates to C++. perhaps the thread could be moved to the tech board.

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    Do you currently have the device? Do you have (or are you looking into) a development board which contains all the necessary peripherals, or will you try to be building the circuit yourself (i.e. breadboarding, etc)?
    Purchasing a development board is a good way to go if you're new to microcontrollers - not only does it contain all the necessary circuitry, but usually also comes with an IDE and compiler. This software will usually let you set the fuses (or the fuses can be set by a few lines of code). Most of the MCU compilers I've worked with support only C and not C++, but this is not always the case. This is the kind of of information that should be researched before jumping into a project.

    If you're new to microcontrollers in general, expect several learning curves ahead. It would be a good idea to seek out forums for MCUs and/or Atmel for assistance in setting up.

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