Thread: I need create a dicionary in pascal Look

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    Exclamation I need create a dicionary in pascal Look

    Do I need a program that, after reading a text file containing 30 lines each, a keyword in Pascal (9 characters) and its corresponding codeword in Algorithm (9 characters), reads a keyword to be translated (entered by the user) and present a menu of options:
    P - translate to Pascal;
    A - Algorithm and translate into
    S - exit the program.
    Finally, it shows the keyword typed and its translation, after the choice of option by the user.

    1) The words read from the text file Chaves.txt should be stored in an array.

    in the text document is:

    and e
    array arranjo
    begin início
    boolean lógico
    case caso
    div quociente
    do faça
    else senao
    end fim
    file arquivo
    for para
    if se
    integer inteiro
    mod resto
    not nao
    of de
    or ou
    program algoritmo
    read leia
    real real
    record registro
    repeat repita
    round arredonda
    string literal
    then entao
    type tipo
    until até que
    var declare
    while enquanto
    write escreva

    anyone who can help thank you real

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    Heh, usually people begin these homework-dumping threads with "Write a program..." not "Do I need a program...".

    Anyway, good luck finding someone that'll do this for free. Have you tried freelancer or elance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mackducasse View Post
    Do I need a program that...
    Yes, no..or..maybe.
    Wait.. Yes and no...that's it.

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