Thread: Working with multiple excel files

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    Working with multiple excel files

    Hello Guys,
    I need to write very short c programming language in order to be able to combine Excel sheet in a way that I want. But i dont have any software for that. What do u suggest me to download for free? Easy to use?


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    What does these things have in common?

    If you just want to combine spreadsheets, I'm reasonably certain that literally every spreadsheet program (I use Libre Office.) will probably be capable of the task.


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    I tried to write (record) a macro for that but didn't work. So decide to switch to C.
    i want to grab a certain column from 100 Excel file and add in them next to each other into the first Excel file.

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    I am no C expert, but I can tell you you want to do it in VBA. Recording a macro will not give you a complete solution you will have to write your own routine. I don't think you are on the right forum to solve your problem. The title you picked is not going to help you much by the way.

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    An excel file is encoded. It would take forever to learn decipher it. By then MS would change it (again).

    You could export all .xls to .csv (comma separated files) and write a C program to read them and do what you want with the data.

    OR start as new xl sheet, copy the desired column from each of the sheets to that and do what you want,
    or save that as .csv and write a C prog to do what you want.

    Or take the time to learn to write the macro.

    Which would be the fastest? Most fun? Your choice!

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    > I tried to write (record) a macro for that but didn't work. So decide to switch to C.
    How much of a road-bump would it take for you to give up trying to use C and switch to yet another approach?
    - How much VBA do you know (none)?
    - How much C do you know (wizard)?
    Unless you're already a C wizard, I can't see you succeeding at using C.

    In the past, I've started with a macro recording to do some part of a "thing" once, then gone in and edited it to make it do what I want.

    Which version of excel are you using - or more importantly, which version of excel are the files saved in? If it's something fairly recent, then perhaps the documents are stored in XML format.
    Microsoft Office XML formats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Dealing with these is easy, it's just a big dumb text file.
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