Thread: Can't get Blutooth adapters working

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    Can't get Blutooth adapters working

    Hi! i installed bluetooth adapters on a non-blutooth enabled desktop computer (OS Windows XP) and on a non-bluetooth laptop (Win 7 / Ubuntu). When i search bluetooth devices from the XP box it identifies the laptop, it seems. Then it proceeds to install the new device. When i search from the laptop (from 7 or Ubuntu), it displays shows the desktop computer but cannot connect to it or install the device. It gives an error telling "timed out, retry". Anyone know what's the issue here? Thanks a lot.
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    My dad actually ran into this problem a year or two back.

    Does the device say it is Windows 7 capable? My dad had his working on XP Professional 64 Bit but when he switched to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit, the device did not work and the manufacture did not have a driver for it.

    Windows 7 will for the most part install any driver automatically for you, but sometimes it doesn't have them. Check the manufactures website for details.

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