Thread: Operating Systems College Courses?

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    Operating Systems College Courses?

    What college courses covering operating system design and implementation are available online or as a distance learning option, specially those that involve coding rather than just theory? I would prefer to formally enrollment in an online or distance learning course though I could "audit" one if the course materials including videos of the lectures are publicly available. Are there any that have published their materials including handouts and preferably videos of the lectures are available.

    I am based in the Northeastern US (western Massachusetts).


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    Graduate course partly over xv6 OS xv6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    MIT OpenCourseWare | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | 6.828 Operating System Engineering, Fall 2006 | Syllabus

    I am guessing the above meets your requirements.

    I also found an undergrad course on youtube Computer Science 162 - Lecture 1 - YouTube

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