Thread: How to disable arrows in visual studio 2010

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    How to disable arrows in visual studio 2010

    How to disable arrows in visual studio 2010-5-png

    I'm using visual stduio 2010 express. I want to disable the arrows. Any tips on that?
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    This is not an IDE forum, it's a C forum. My advice is don't use Visual Studio to program in standard C.
    1. Get rid of gets(). Never ever ever use it again. Replace it with fgets() and use that instead.
    2. Get rid of void main and replace it with int main(void) and return 0 at the end of the function.
    3. Get rid of conio.h and other antiquated DOS crap headers.
    4. Don't cast the return value of malloc, even if you always always always make sure that stdlib.h is included.

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