Thread: Preferences in numerical computing

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    Preferences in numerical computing

    For those of you here who dig into numerics, what are your preferences as far as language, style, etc.?

    I prefer Fortran (using the 1995 or 2003 standards) and procedural style code.

    I've seen a lot of numerical libraries in C++ lately and would not mind using C++ too much, but I think the syntax of an array based programming language like Fortran is more straightforward. Though C++ does let you overload a lot more operators than Fortran will.

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    Gosh. I did some Fortran back in the '80s, but I wouldn't touch it today if I didn't have to.

    I've come to appreciate C even more than C++, but they can both do arrays with aplomb.

    What advantage does overloading operators give you specifically for numerical processing?

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