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    Pascal translation

    I am trying to translate a program from Pascal to C. However some statement in pascal confused me and i am not to sure what should I be using instead.

    The statement in question is:

    case form: typform of
                       scalarfrm:  ();
                       subrangfrm: ( rangtyp: typtabptr;
                                     max: constrec);
                       enumfrm:    ( maxenum: 0 .. 255);
                       arrayfrm:   ( elemtyp,
                                     indxtyp: typtabptr);
                       recordfrm:  ( lastfld: symtabptr;
                                     recvrnt: typtabptr);
                       tagfrm:     ( tagfldp: symtabptr;
                                     fstvarnt: typtabptr);
                       varntfrm:   ( nxtvarnt,
                                     subvarnt: typtabptr;
                                     varntval: constrec);
                       setfrm:     ( seteltyp: typtabptr;
                                     maxelem: integer);
                       filefrm:    ()
    Now the main issues is the first line form: typform to me is a structure type but again i am not sure if i should be implementing a union, or a case statement


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    That's object oriented programming and you're very unlikely to get it to work in C.

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    What we have here is the complex declaration of a type.
    It's basically a union, or more specifically it's a sort of typesafe union where the compiler pretends that only certain members exist depending upon the variable that indicates the type held in the union.

    You might later use a switch statement where that type is used, but here it's just the type declaration.
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    Thanks for the answer. Yeah it is a complex program, i am trying to make a compiler. So just to be clear if understand the best way to define it would be this way?

    typedef struct typrec
        int size;
        union form
            typform scalarfrm;
            typform subrangfrm;
            typform enumfrm;
            typform arrayfrm;
            typform recordfrm;
            typform tagfrm;
            typform varntfrm;
            typform setfrm;
            typform filefrm;
    where typform is a enum ( i made it actually a typedef enum) this would be the best way to approach it?

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