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  • Other

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Thread: Favorite IDE?

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    they do make fully configurable graphical keyboards, where each key is a full color 64x64 (?) pixel display. they are insanely expensive though... well into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I would think a keyboard extension with 15 or 20 keys like that would be very helpful for developers. keys for building, debugging commands, etc. you could even develop a plugin for your favorite IDE to access those keys, and have various "scenes" depending on what task you're working on, whether it be editing code, debugging or whatever.

    edit: the optimus maximus keyboard
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    I couldnt care less about the mouse, i think its more about an integrated environment, i dont want to have to control the whole shebang from the command line and remeber where i am, or ask to know where i got up to. it all feels very clever and super duper when you work from the command line, and i do enjoy the 'natural' feel of it but let be realistic, today, productivity is better via an IDE.
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    Damn those new fangled electric lights, my candles cast a much better light! * shakes angry luddite fist at the new fangled lights! *

    Not much point actually responding to the poll, as only 1 of 4 IDEs I regularly use is actually included. Other humourous aspect... it's as if C++ is the only language with IDEs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by joybanerjee39 View Post
    Now that's just plain scarey... Not only are major corporations entrusting large parts of their data to exparte servers coupled by what has been called "The first communications failure in any disaster" (the internet) now we'll have them putting the code to access that data out in the thin air as well... Corporations that increasingly claim to be "security conscious" are also increasingly making the mistake of trusting others with their data.

    My first prediction for 2012 ... Somebody's going to invade one of these cloud servers and dump some major corporations dirty laundry all over the newest incarnation of WikiLeaks... Just watch, it'll happen... eventually.

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    I dont think that guy has much merit to talk about IDEs tbh. "But if you're a C or C++ developer, you're forced to adopt Visual Studio on Windows and Eclipse on Linux" tells me everything I need to know about how much this guy knows about IDEs for C and C++ (and probably alot of other languages aswell)...

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    It's the Government you have to be more concerned about... Corporations usually have the money and expertise (or can get it).

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