Thread: God this is amazing!

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    God this is amazing!


    Have a look at this.

    User Interface of 2020 - YouTube

    I am a little discouraged when I see stuff like this. This because I am myself a gui creator and no where near what this video or what the iPhone does.

    Oh well. One question I have. I was wondering, all those gui's out there that are usable with MCU's such as easygui, Peg, Amullet, Designer (Microchip), Ramteck and so on .... Can all these gui's do multi-touch and stuff like the iPhone does?

    All insight and comments are appreciated!

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    Multi-touch needs to be supported by the actual panel hardware. Those GUI libraries only allow you to draw things (like windows, buttons) easier.

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    I believe, as cyberfish implies, the general principle is that touchscreen activity is passed thru to the software as a mouse, presumably with features like a touchpad -- which can have special gestures, etc, but these are still all delivered as forms of mouse activity such as drag n' drop. Mouse events are what the GUI API's actually use, so you don't need to add anything special for the software to work on a touchscreen.
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