Thread: Parse Error in my first program - help!!

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    Parse Error in my first program - help!!

    Hi Folks,

    Just starting out to learn Objective-C - this is my first program in Xcode and I have typed is just as it says in the book but I keep getting this error on the NSSLog line: parse error before '@' token


    #include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>

    int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {
    .. .. // insert code here...
    int firstnumber = 2;
    int secondnumber = 10;
    int total = 0;

    total = firstnumber + secondnumber;
    NSSLog (@"%d", total);

    .. .. return0;

    please help!!

    many thanks


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    I'm not familiar with Objective C, what is the NSSLog (@ part do? The rest of the program looks ok, but you don't show a closing brace for the main() function.

    Welcome to the forum, Paul!

    Please use the advanced editor when you post code, and click on the # icon in the editors window to get a pair of code tags. Paste your code right between the code tags, and your code will be looking good (and keep any indentation, which is very important).
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    Are you sure you don't mean NSLog, instead of NSSLog?

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    Thanks Guys

    Thanks for the reply Adak - Sorry that ..should have read NSLog.

    As I am just starting out, all I know is that the Line is supposed to display the total to the console so you see it.

    I missed copying the closing brace to my post but it is there after the return statement.

    Many thanks for your welcome.


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    Yep I did!

    yes my mistake - thanks for that.


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    We don't have a dedicated Objective-C forum on this site.
    Thread moved.
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