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    General question

    So I'm relatively new to coding, and I might sound like a noob right now. I'd like for my laptop to have a code-friendly environment. I currently use Secure Shell client to create and compile code. But I don't want to depend on connection to a server anymore. I also have a VM Virtual box with Ubuntu if that makes any difference.. haha. o.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefanyco
    Well, my suggestion would be to wipe out Windows !....If you're not comfortable with it,at least Dual Boot a nice Linux distro like Ubuntu or Mint.

    Install the IDE of your choice(I prefer Eclipse CDT... the Indigo version is better than anything else I have ever used)...or (....or skip them in favor of the terminal. )
    Set up an svn(or other) repo somewhere in /var/ .
    Check if you have the latest gcc...and the other tools.

    As is commonly said, *nix Operating Systems are themselves a big Integrated Development Environment!!
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    > I also have a VM Virtual box with Ubuntu if that makes any difference
    That's a pretty good place to start.

    You can easily set up a share folder with vbox to allow your vm-ubuntu and windows to see the same files (for later uploading), and you still have windows if you still need it.
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