I'm trying to get an analysis on cups report, which so far has been pretty alright. I'm using this bit of phpscript call phpPrintAnalyzer:

phpPrintAnalyzer - Web Application for CUPS system to analyze the "page_log" files and get HTML graphics (with JpGraph)

It reads the data of page_log file and gives you a nice statistical info. However this is where i'm havin a tidy bit of probs. This is a school hence loads of users, there's two things i happen to see.

1. page_log keeps track log of one day. Could the size be increased so it stores data in the log file of a month or months? Space is not a problem... I'm not too keen on the page_log file in /var/log/cups it could be the size. Is there somehwere in cups where i can increase the size of this log?

2. I happen to see that even when a user prints 2 pages, on the page_log file it still appears as 1 page. Hence this would still give me wrong data, is there somewhere that needs tweaking on cups?

Any help would be appreciated.