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    pseudocode help

    Hi I am new to programming I have implemented a problem in scratch but i need to write this in pseudocode how do i do that !
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    Pseudo code is just like real code, but you stop worrying about exact syntax, punctuation, etc. It helps you lay out the structure of your program before you start actually coding it. It's often a step to help the transition between "solve it by hand on paper" and "write the actual code". Here's some sample pseudo code that totals all the numbers a user enters that are greater than zero
    sum = 0
        print "Enter a number"
        read num
        if num > 0
        sum += num
    while num > 0
    print "The sum of your numbers is " sum
    EDIT: Take a stab at writing the pseudo code for your assignment and we'll help you if you get stuck.

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    Yeah, unless you have to follow some standards about how to write it, pseudo code can be anything as long as they represent actual steps you would take in a real programming language.
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    Pseudocode is as it stated: "Fake" code. You can make it sound Shakespeare if you want. The point is to make it clear to people.

    I shall't name thy integer Ray, thus borne in sight of 15 angels smiling upon thy presense.
    My second child, CHARacter Ron, shall wear thy ring with the name 's' in thy glory of the kingdom!.
    If Ray be thy gloriously over 16, I shall gladly rip Ron's ring from thy digits and let him wither away with 't'.
    int Ray = 15;
    char Ron = 's';
    if (Ray > 16)
      Ron = 't';

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