Thread: create a symbolic link in a MakeFile

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    create a symbolic link in a MakeFile


    I have a question regarding MakeFile

    Let us say I have two directories:

    first directory: /a/src/dbt/sch

    second directory: /a/src/mdls/fcl/mst/

    Now, the main program is present in "first directory". But, it needs definitions from a file, call it "test.c" that is present in "second directory".

    How can I create a symbolic link to "test.c" in a MakeFile in first directory, so that I do not receive compilation errors.

    It might be a simple question, but this is rather new for me.

    Any input, is welcome.


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    I'm not sure why you are reaching straight for "making symbolic links" when "specifying the proper directory" seems like a lot simpler way to go.

    Given that your other file is "test.c", I assume this means that you're not trying to do #include, but rather need to compile and link the other file in to your executable. In that case just specify ../../mdls/fcl/mst/test.c as a prerequisite.

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