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    Linker scripts

    What are Linker Scripts? How to write them?

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    The manual doesn't give a good idea of WHY you would use a linker script.

    A linker script lets you do three main things:

    1. You can define new symbols at link time. These are simple variables that take on numeric values that can only be calculated at link time. For instance, if you wanted a variable which contained the size of the .text section, you could do this via linker script directives.
    2. You can control the mapping from input sections to output sections. For instance, you can cause all of the .text from a specific object to go into a special section separate from the rest of the code. Or you could tell the linker to place all sections into one big section with no distinction between them.
    3. You can control the exact layout of the sections, both in terms of their position in the output file as well as their position in virtual memory once they have been loaded.

    All of these are very special-purpose tasks.
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