Thread: Strange chmod permissions?

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    Strange chmod permissions?

    I'm looking at some Python code and I saw a very strange like like this:
    os.chmod( filename, 33152 )
    WTF?? I've never seen 5 digits in a chmod permissions number. What exactly does 33152 mean?
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    You probably need to convert it to octal to make sense of it - it's 100600
    User rw only, and some kind of "sticky bit"
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    The 100000(octal) bit specifies "regular file." I wasn't actually aware that you could manipulate that bit via chmod(), but who knows.
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    A mode of 10xxxx means it's a regular file.

    From /usr/include/linux/stat.h:

    #define S_IFSOCK 0140000
    #define S_IFLNK  0120000
    #define S_IFREG  0100000
    #define S_IFBLK  0060000
    #define S_IFDIR  0040000
    #define S_IFCHR  0020000
    #define S_IFIFO  0010000
    I imagine that chmod(2) only looks at the 4 least significant octal digits.

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