Thread: Anyone know anything about Onyx?

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    Anyone know anything about Onyx?

    Anytime I try to open an OLE attachment, a "Create Package" window pops up and asks me to search for the name of the package I want to create. I have been using Onyx for 3 years, never seen this before. This happened after I upgraded from XP -> W7, and Office 2003 -> Office 2007. I re-installed the same version of Onyx as was previously used. My Sys Admin, nor anyone else in the company has seen this before. I have removed and re-installed twice, using the exact settings provided by my admin, but still no luck.

    I know this may not be the best forum for an Onyx question, but I'm running out of options lol.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    *** I should add, when I proceed through the steps to "Create Package", nothing happens. If I cancel that window and try to do anything else, I get a popup telling me another window is open and must close it first, when I select "ok", it just brings back the "Create Package" window. I'm stuck in a never ending loop until I kill the app from task mgr.

    *** Also, after doing more searching, there seems to be a bunch of software called Onyx, so just to clarify, this is an Onyx Customer Center, a db for storing customer support/service incidents, QA's, things like that.
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    Onyx or Onix ?
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    This used to be a problem with certain database-driven applications based on Oracle and DB2, I reckon. The problem surfaced when clients would upgrade to Windows Vista. It was a limitation of the operating system that didn't fully support OLE linking mode. Prior to Windows Vista (and with Windows7) the client could fire a linked application or ask the user for a default application to launch in case a file was not supported by the client. This is normal behavior. But in Vista, if the client application doesn't have an OLE interface for the file type, it would call for that window asking you to crate a package.

    The window is useless and there's nothing you can do with it. Some bug in your client application (because certainly the Onyx coders didn't predict this problem) gets you into a loop of error messages. But the core of the problem is Vista... assuming that's the operating system you are using. Being that the case you may want to be sure that both your operating system and your customer center service are brought up to the latest versions. I don't know what happened after this problem first emerged, but it's very likely Microsoft patched it on some service pack, and service providers didn't want to wait for that and provided their own alternatives (less likely, but who knows).

    If you aren't using Windows Vista at the client side, then things can become a bit more complicated, since this problem doesn't exist for Windows 7 or Windows XP. In that case you may either have a faulty windows OLE installation (does this occur on other client machines?) or the actual onyx software has a bug.
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    Thanks for the detailed info. Unfortunately, I am using W7.

    I haven't tried using OLE with any other applications, I could try to give that a test at some point.

    Thanks again.

    *** Had another user with W7 try it. She gets the same errors. This same version of Onyx works with our XP machines.
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