maffematicalmeff <mathematical mess>

they say planet x will cause the polls to tip over like dominos when planet x passes by.

i think that the planets will be attracted to planet x or pushed away from planet x depending on which way planets x polls are aligned up. if it north first or if it is south first. earth and the other planets will be push out of orbit eighter by being pushed or pulled by planet x. i believe this would make the orbits of the planets stretched longer as if it were the release of a rubber band. they say the cycle of planet x is every thirty thousand years.

i was thinking that a simulation with actual physics would more clearly show what will happen. i think that our polls will try to tilt but the rotation of the planets will resist the tilting. when the planet x does pass the motion will be more like a circular motion for the polls. which may produce a cone shaped axis pointing to the other side or middle of the center of mass. like two cones with the pointing at each other. as it passes that is when the planet will flip. mars and earth may have changed orbits around the sun and life had jumped from one planet to the other every thirty thousand years. that is why we may be seeing some "faces" and other signs that life may have once existed on mars. i also think that one of the planets crashed in to another causing the debree field around satern making the rings. the planets may wobble like a top that has been pushed hard until it stabilizes. that may take four years or more. but the effects on the planet will be like a hyper velocity bovine deffication impacting the ultra high torqueing rpm rotational turbine <the sh!t hit the fan>.


1. rotation of planets and moons and speed of rotation
2. gravity of each planet or moon and northsouth orientation of each planet or moon
3. orbits of planets and moons
4. velocity of each planet or moons orbit
5. mass of each planet or moon

y axis = left to right and back right to left
x axis = away from center or towards center or forward and reverse
z axis = top to bottom and up to down and back down to up

center == [ 0.0.0 ] or [ x , y , z ] axis

maybe that is what happened to the dinosaurs. they were flash frozen. that is why we find mammoths and stuff. ok did i miss any factors or variables to do a decent simulation. thank you.