Thread: Got the ubuntu package "timeoutd" be implemented networked wise?

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    Question Got the ubuntu package "timeoutd" be implemented networked wise?

    timeoutd-Flexible user timeout daemon timeoutd enforces the time restrictions specified in /etc/timeouts. timeoutd - What is timeoutd

    It works nicely. But what about users loggin in via ldap... can it be set so that they dont bend the rules as in i log in here my time expired i go into the next machine?

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    Are you setting the time restriction per session or per day?

    There's also a bit on the man page for timeoutd that may be helpful:
    timeoutd can also be invoked by login to check whether a user is allowed to login at that time, or whether they have exceeded their daily time limit. When invoked in this way, by passing a username and tty (without the leading /dev) on the command line, timeoutd returns one of the following exit codes:

    0 User is allowed to login

    1 Fatal error

    5 Incorrect command line format

    10 User has exceeded maximum daily connect time

    20 User not permitted to login at this time on this tty

    30 Internal error checking user name (probably invalid user name)
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