Thread: fastest broadband ?

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    fastest broadband ?

    High Speed Internet - Find high speed internet providers in your area

    what is the fastest broadband internet access ? i was looking at this site and comparing price and speed. and looking on the wiki for broadband speeds. they all seem outdated information. i was finding speeds of upload 1.5 mps and 2.0 mbs with one that offered 5 mbs at $350.00 way too much money for only 5 mbs.

    the information seems to be from 2005 and extremely outdated. i did find one page that i can not find again that had wifi speeds at 200 mbps. the wifi i have will connect only to read ssid at 11mbps. that is a lot more than what is on the web pages. that includes wiki.

    which is the fastest broadband and at what speeds and cost ? wifi cablebroadband or sat ?
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    It might help to know what area you live in...

    Speeds tend to be regionalized, limited by bottlenecks and topologies in a given region as well as by the state of technology....

    You might also try

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    thank you for the link. looking through it i see that 35.86mbs is the fastest listed. but that does not say what it is ie cable wifi or sat. i did find a map of service areas on wiki but it also was outdated 2005.

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