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    Question Cryptograpgic library

    Hi guys and girls,
    I'm building a small Cryptograpgic library in pure c :it makes you do all you need in Galois Fields(multiplication,addition,cyclotomic class,trace...),it contains also some routine to manage :Boolean function,degre,ANF,unnivariate representation,walsh transform,generate random permutation,and balanced function,check benteness...
    My question is:where can i put it?
    PS: if you are working in the same field,and you want a copy(only for educational puposes,please send me a email(
    and finally :sorry for my approximate English

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    What exactly do you mean by "where can i put it"? As in, you want to ask what are your options for hosting it? If so, there are many code hosting services available, and exactly which to choose depends on your requirements and personal preference.
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    I recommend Download and Develop Open Source Software for Free
    You can host your project on there for free.

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    thanks for your help,it will available soon.
    great web site

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