Thread: Propose a good media player

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    Propose a good media player

    I am looking for a good music player.
    Tried Winamp and Itunes.
    For Winamp I am not a big fun of its interface and would like if it killed duplicates.
    Itunes should come with a coffee maker otherwise its too much waiting.
    Media player isn't the fast thing available either.

    I guess I want something light but with a practical interface (otherwise VLC would do)


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    Mplayer is pretty light. You can choose from many of the GUI wrappers too.

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    I think winamp still does everything you talk about. If you have duplicates in your library all you need to do is delete the duplicates from the computer folders winamp watches, and then remove missing entries (click Library to find it). Playlists have always been able to remove duplicates also. It's in Rem -> Rem Misc. The interface thing I also disagree with; in fact, it's easier to skin than most players if that is what you want.

    If you're bent on something new I recommend MPC-HC: it's about as light and practical as those things get. Case and point: why implement a broke library when you can have no library.

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    Originally Posted by brewbuck:
    Reimplementing a large system in another language to get a 25% performance boost is nonsense. It would be cheaper to just get a computer which is 25% faster.

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    iTunes alternatives and similar software -

    Looking at that list, Songbird actually looks like a pretty good program. It's based on the Mozilla framework and appears to be really customizable as one would expect from such an application.

    Personally though I just use Windows Media Player as the recent versions are as good as anything else and [more importantly IMO] support my MP3 player very well.
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    +1 to foobar2K, best music player out there, by miles...
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