Thread: ecos and coldfiremcf5206e

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    ecos and coldfiremcf5206e

    Anyone knows how to get an ecos platform to build for a motorola coldfire mcf5206e cpu?

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    What a strange request.

    I was going to suggest the freescale website here and then discuss how the coldfire was just a modified m68k so you could probably use SDCC. But then I found the wikipedia article, which strangely enough is probably the best source I could find on the thing.

    Highlights from the article:
    -Debian is already ported to m68k and compatibility with Coldfire is in the works (gotta love Debian)
    -Recent Coldfire Microprocessors are compatible enough with 68k to make Atari ST clones
    -A link to vasm, a free assembler for coldfire (which could probably be plugged into the SDCC toolchain)
    So my first suggestion is to use SDCC. But I think it would be really cool (if your hardware is permitting) to put Debian on whatever machine that Coldfire cpu is in and then develop with gcc. (Better yet, build gcc on your host computer to target Linux and m68k.)
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