Thread: Cannot eject external Hard drive (Windows 7)

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    Anirban Ghosh
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    Cannot eject external Hard drive (Windows 7)

    I have 500 GB Western Digital External Hard Disk (Packet says Windows 7 compatible).
    But whenever I use some file from it say some movie and later try to eject it says drive already in use! From process manager I see no process using any file!
    But if I simply insert and don't use any file I can eject smoothly.

    Any suggestion please?

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    The drive also won't eject if there are programs running from the drive, so check for programs that may have opened from the external drive. Does the drive have an autorun feature? Backup daemon? Some sort of drive monitoring software?

    If all else fails you could use EjectUSB.
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    LockHunter is a good software for seeing what software is locking what files/directories/drives. It can also unlock said things.
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    Anirban Ghosh
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    Thanks everyone!

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