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    I know this is a long shot for doing it here but worth asking. Im having an issue wit the internet basciaally off the vmware. Im using windows 7 and it worked b4 but basically. My windows 7 has internet, it says its connected on vmware and says im connected on
    eht1 and that its up but when i try to go on the internet it doesnt work and the ping command shows its not talking to this other address i ususally use to test it. so it says its connected but its really not

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    I suppose you should check your settings. I have my vmware set to NAT, so it shares the internet connection with the host machine; if the internet connection on the host goes down, then obviously so does the guest. If you have it set to bridged, then you need to configure it as another separate machine on the network.

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    One key thing that folks who cannot connect need to do is determine if it is a situation of NO connection or no DNS. Easy test (under other systems; me no speakee Windows 7; erased it off of the one box I have that it came on):

    1. open a terminal (DOS shell, CMD window, whatever) and run ping (my website).
    2. same thing but run ping

    If #1 doesn't work and #2 does, then it is a DNS lookup problem and we can help you from there.
    If neither works it is likely a setting in your VMWare.

    This will help: You are running Windows 7 in a VMWare session; what is your host OS? There are two key ways of setting up virtual machines in networks:
    1. Bridge mode: means it shares the host ethernet adapter and in this mode only one address for both (host and guest) will show up on the network.
    2. Non-bridged mode: this just means that your host has one IP address and your guest (VM) has its own.

    Each brings its own challenges. On Windows XP there was a command called IPCONFIG you could run to get info on your network connection; see if this says anything useful on Win7...
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    Or probably the VMware Tools just need to be updated. Try to install them again. If it worked before and it doesn't work now, that's where I would probably look first.

    Next, some firewall settings stopping your VMware eth1 from communicating. Or VMware services down in your services list... that type of stuff.
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    it was the firewall issue thanks all for the input

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