Thread: Windows 7 "access denied" for gcc

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    Windows 7 "access denied" for gcc

    I am using Cygwin on my windows 7 machine. I open a 'cmd' with administer privileges and type: gcc -Wall -m32 main.c
    I get "access denied".

    I have checked my environment variables and the 'path' does include C:\cygwin\bin
    Has anyone else had this issue and did you find a solution?

    In addition my 'make' files act weird in Windows 7. When I type the 'make' command, it runs the 'make clean' section.

    any help is appreciated.


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    I don't have a solution to your cygwin problem, but if your not attached to it, I have never had problems with MinGW+MSYS.

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    The reason you are getting "access denied":
    C:\Users\Micke>set PATH=c:\cygwin\bin;%PATH%
    Access denied.
    C:\Users\Micke>file /usr/bin/gcc.exe
    /usr/bin/gcc.exe: symbolic link to `/etc/alternatives/gcc'
    C:\Users\Micke>file /etc/alternatives/gcc
    /etc/alternatives/gcc: symbolic link to `/usr/bin/gcc-4.exe'
    gcc-4: no input files
    bash-3.2$ gcc
    gcc: no input files
    Notice that /usr/bin/gcc is a symlink and windows does not support symlinks. (Technically it does; But not in the way cygwin does it)
    Either use a cygwin aware shell like bash or sh, or invoke gcc-3.exe or gcc-4.exe directly.

    Post updated, I was wrong about about why it doesn't work in my original post.
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    should this thread be in the tech-board?

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    Agreed - moved.
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