Thread: Why do we need to use UNIX/VI/EMACS etc?

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    2. If I ask you on person which one would you prefer VI or EMAC's?
    One reason I've continued to try and use gvim for text editing is because of its modes. You would think nothing of it, but in other editors, things like search, or changing a word take disproportionate effort. How many delete words by holding delete and guessing, or by hilighting it and then pressing delete, or use control + backspace. When you're out of insert mode changing a word is "cw".

    It's also an editor that doesn't screw around with text formats as much as notepad. It doesn't really matter what file format (say unix or dos), gvim, among other notepad alternatives, can read and save these effectively.

    Will you code on gvim or other clones? Maybe, but don't force yourself. Either way, gvim's vimtutor takes about a half hour, so decide if you will invest that. If you get used to it, it's not bad for regular writing: Word will be delegated to making reports presentable.

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    Steer clear of Emacs unless you want RSI

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