Thread: objdump for dos or windows

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    objdump for dos or windows

    I'm in the mood recently to stretch my assembly muscles, and I am trying to find a good, free disassembler for 16-bit DOS executables.'s difficult.

    Really all I want is something as simple as objdump in Linux, where I could something like:

    objdump -d my_binary some_output_file.txt
    Anyone know of anything good to be able to do this?
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    ndisasm works reasonably well, though you need to fool with the command line options to get it just right, since it doesn't have the ability to interpret the EXE header. And for multi-segment (medium or large memory model) executables it will most likely get confused.

    I've never tried it, but "dumpbin /disasm foo.exe" might work on 16-bit binaries. dumpbin comes with Visual Studio.

    There used to be this incredibly awesome program for disassembling DOS binaries called "Sourcer," I wonder if it's still around.

    EDIT: Good old "debug.exe" can unassemble 16-bit code as well.
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    Why not objdump from a mingw distribution?

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    i think if you go after nasm you'd be in more luck, as far as i remember it was open source and both 16 and 32bit versions should be out there without that much of effort.

    and here it is ,
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